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of animal abuse in baltimore city. >> and left to die inside an abandoned home. in the newsroom with "abc news" tonight. >> that dog survived a six- month-old pit bull tied up. we have to warn you that the video is very disturbing. the people at the barts animal shelter wanted us to show it because the case is disturbing as well. >>> animal control officers brought her to the bart shelter today, where workers named her molly. >> i walked out and saw her to do her intake. i immediately started crying. >> there are fresh bite wounds and all of them deep infected. >> ap here, her ears, ripped in half. >> there's also skin missing on both of the dog's sides with infection causing the area to budge out. it's better than 50% chance molly will survive. >> the severity of the infection that spread. she's losing layers of skin. >> and lisa will be molly's foster caretaker for now. >> and the dog needs antiobiotics, clean her wounds and rest. >> we are not sure whether she will be able to keep it or not but we will try. >> the dog was found here on the appan donned home -- abandoned home. a a contr
on the city docks in annapolis. the water swelled and leaked over the wall and took the town over. stores here in downtown have high water marks and this one won't erase the memory or the mark of isabel. there is some damage in ocean city, but they are cleaning up, not rebuilding. we have more from there tonight. >> reporter: power is still out in large sections but the flood waters have begun to recede and no injuries or deaths. now is the time for a big cheen up. this is where the bar and restaurant at the bay side got hit hard by the hurricane. >> the gazebo is gone and the board walk they were rebuilding is in a parking lot. they did salvage the new angles. they hope to reopen by this weekend. >> let's get at it. >> reporter: crews have been restoring power and a large part of the pier did fall victim and they will inspect the dew system that held back sandy and want to make sure it can hold pack the next one. >> we will go back and see if it needs immediately or it can wait. >> reporter: a big storm like sandy digs down under the sand. >> a lot of stuff gets blown on the beach. >> reporte
here are accustomed to this. this is one of the trouble spots in the city as far as flooding goes. this water is just extremely powerful and is washing all kinds of debris down through the streets and building up on the other side of the bridge, which is blocked off. you see the entrance to meadow mill blocked off throughout the night as we drove through the city we saw different streets blocked off. smith avenue further up on the jones, up by whole foods, has been closed off as well. they are trying to have an abundance of caution here in the city in some of the problem areas. they don't want you to try to cross them. they are trying to be as cautious as possible. that's why they put the restriction in place, so people who are not emergency personnel should not be on the road. we'll continue to watch the jones vault and all over the area. for now, in baltimore, back to you. >> thank you, josie. and connor is spending the night on kent island. they have problems from the wind there. >> so many problems that first responders are having problems getting on the road. >> reporter: we
the children in the ten year anniversary. spoke up and spoke very loudly about the city's continued crime. a center full of children, 35 to be exact, stands where the dawson family lives and where they died. >> this was a tragedy that touched people internationally. >> reporter: ten years ago, the efforts of mrs. dawson to stop the drug dealing backfired at east preston street was set on fire. >> keith, kevin, carmel, juan, and rwanda. >> reporter: couldn't escape the cocktail. >> on that night, viciously murdered. children and their parents. >> reporter: the children at the dawson center understand their afterschool activities are now located where an unspeakable tragedy played out. ten years later, flashlights shined, but elijah cummings is not content. >> a stray bullet. they should not fear stepping on needles when they go to school. they should not fear seeing the caps to crack cocaine. >> reporter: the city house director that housed the launch with the fire bomb. >> we see 125 houses vacant under construction right now. >> reporter: the city spends $270,000 to run it annually. they
hour. relative to our state just under 750 miles south of ocean city and it will be in our area as we go into sun day-night and early monday. you can see it is a large circulation here. our nighttime infrared satellite view, you can see a couple didn't areas of storm structure here. we expect this to move north during the next 48 hours. gives you an idea there is not that much time left. highly concerning as of the 11:00 updated track from the national hurricane center, just a slight shift to the north that would bring it into the delaware bear, southern part of the new jersey. it could spare maryland from the worst affects of the storm. >> we're going to keep a sharp eye on sandy and we'll have much more to break down the storm with two meteorologists in just minutes. >> thanks. >> sandy, oh sandy. you're celebrating the movie grease but we fear your name will leave a bad mark on baltimore. people are dealing with the storm that could last in our area for several days. cheryl connor joins us. those preps are under way and you have a big pile of sand. >> reporter: we do. people have b
could be at lan tick city, new jersey. the heaviest rains flooding rains across maryland and delaware and significant prolonged high wind gusts in excess of 60, even 70 miles per hour. we have a hurricane warning in effect for the entire chesapeake bay. we will cycle through these. you can see their peak gusts are reaching into the 20s and 30s and 40s. 45 there. 55 ocean city. these are in tense winds. see what happens in ocean city as the storm pulls in. ocean surge pulling in. the sunsets and this is our camera at the beach plaza down there at the boardwalk and it is a wild night at the beach but even more locally we see the winds ramping up, so that will be a big concern and the heavy rain coming in already. rain totals in guess of 2 inches with more heavy rain. a significant rain band getting ready to come into southern maryland right now. flood watches are up. they will continue to be up. we have huge surf building off the coast. surf heights up to 28, 29 feet tomorrow. you can see that huge ocean surge under that hurricane offshore. we have coastal flooding concerns for the enti
city police officers are on paid leave but unless they are arrested and fired, the family will protest on the 21st of every month. >> 6, 7, 8, 9. >> reporter: a number for every day since anthony anderson died in east baltimore. his mom says he was on his way to celebrate his granddaughter's birthday. >> and they killed him on her 2 2nd birthday. she'll never forget it. >> reporter: anderson's mom was surrounded by his five children and three grandchildren sunday marking one month when he died from a con confrontation with police. but she says she witnessed her son coming out of a corner bar before he was approached. >> they hit my son over the head and threw him down on the ground. then they started kicking. >> reporter: eleven days following his death, a report by the medical examiner shows the 46-year-old had blunt force injuries to the torso, fractured ribs, a ruptured spleen and internal bleeding. >> we need to send a sign to the powers that that this case will not become a cold case. justice will be serve and had it will be served because the community will remain on fire. >> rep
chief oakland says under his leadership, baltimore city police department will continue to tackle crime as well as work diligently to earn the commted by the mayor in the city over the summer. >>> well those living on battery avenue are looking over the challenge after an early morning fire. one house was steroid and three others badly damaged in this fire. it burned fast and it was a scorcher. you could only watch helplessly, random belongings piled up to five feet high in the home. kind of kept the fire going. >> a lot of combustible material there. it kept -- >> fueled the fire. >> and kept it going for a while. made it very difficult for us to get in. >> firefighters are still out there putting out hot spots throughout the morning. throughout the afternoon, investigators are able to start looking for a cause. >>> its been a year since a man was found dead floating in the back river. police are still, still trying to identify him. this, what you're looking at now it a forensic stretch of the man. an autopsy, dna and fingerprints haven't turned up an id. it's up to you to help. if you
at the city temperature, 44 degrees. on the eastern shore around 51 degrees. out to the north and west, frederick at 44 degrees. a few 30s could be popping on boards. you notice out in the mountains starting to fall down. we've noted fog starting to develop. still good visible but some of the visibilities have come down. patchy fog through the course o. overnight. crisp wakeup. nice looking day, but the clouds build in and it's another day where we're into the 50s, we'll talk more about your 7-day forecast coming up in just a bit. >>> baltimore city police are on the scene of a shooting on the north side, a woman was shot around 10:00 tonight in the 6300 block of fair lawn avenue. that's all police have to tell us tonight. we're going to bring you much more as we continue to get it in and also on webb. >>> anne arundel county authorities have identied a man who died after a fight in brooklyn park. nick gillman senior died at the hospital friday. police were called to the 6000 block of ritchie highway for a report of an assault. the victim was fighting with the the man. police are still
and west of the city and a frost advisory from the city south into ann arundel county. i think this could be a little overly aggressive. i'm not sure we get at our below freezing south of the season. cool cay canadian air coming up. more on the rest of the weekend. >>> the chilly morning may be bad for your plans. it could be perfect for runners. lauren cook as a look at possible traffic problems caused by tomorrow's baltimore running festival. >> the race beginning at 8:00 tomorrow morning on russell street. it will effect many roads including key highway and light street. as runners travel towards the park, mccull street will be closed. it will pass john hopkins university. the final stretch will travel through patterson park, down to canton. the runners will cross that finish line at m&t bank stadium. for a come complete -- for a complete list of all road closures go tobc2news.com. >>> there's still time to sign up for komen maryland race for the cure. wmar is proud to sponsor. proceeds help marylanders fight breast cancer. sign up at abc2news.com/think pink. >>> firefighters in annapo
of hope to the city. everybody is excited, fired up. they want to follow the orioles and i think everybody is very excited about the orioles baseball for the first time since i have been a little kid. >> reporter: when your skipper calls you out that feels good. >> we are the best. we have faith of. i have been a fan since i was a kid. >> nobody thought we would play on a thursday night, 10, 11, 12. >> its been a long time. >> reporter: never give up, gamers, tough, guy you want to root for. perfect team for the city. >> it's a great team. buck did a great job with the team. >> i couldn't be happier to be here. seriously. no, i don't think i would. >> reporter: orioles fans in there, just -- >> it's tough. going into that we talked about some of the good stuff. let's talk act the rough patch for that and that's been the hitting. middle of the line. davis 0-4, jones 0-3, weeders 0- 3, it's hard to win like that. couple base hits and they will win if they can close it out. pretty impressive. we will keep you posted on what's going on. >> reporter: we will find out what happens. hopeful
. >> jamie and kelly the report lists injuries to his ribs and spleen. three baltimore city officers are now on paid leave. >> reporter: following the his -- following his death it's been called police brutality. the 46-year-old had bluntfore injuries and his death is now ruled a homicide. on the evening of september 1 september 1st his family says he came out of a bar on bittal street when he was confronted by police. his mother, son, daughter, and two-year-old grand daughter was there. >> when hewe was telling them that tony was complaining of hurting and that he was just faking because he didn't want to go to jail, and that's not true. >> police confirmed that three officers are on paid leave and drugs were not a contributing factor to anderson's death. lice said he tried to swallow drugs. the family attorney said he will file a civil law suit claiming excessive force. >> people get taken down in the streets every day. they don't die. they don't have their spleens ruptured. >> reporter: the report shows fractured ribs and a rubtured spleen. we don't yet know if the officers will be charge
the makes of a new york city irish pub, the drinks, bartender, framed cal ripkin poster. framed cal ripkin poster. >>> and there is frank robinson. what's going on? >> one of the owners is a baltimore guy and one of the bartenders, created a fan base. >> reporter: when she said a ballot more guy she is talking about david who runs the horse box along with a partner. yankees fans come here and are quick to point out that fans of all teams welcome but this past friday it was packed with orioles fans for the wild card game against texas. >> all fans, all different games. >> jamie is in times square tonight dodging some of those nasty new yorkers. let's hear what he found out. >> reporter: we take your arms, bats and gloves for this is the city that shows your every move. where heros and goats found every second. where the orioles will be take on the bright lights and what you get in the streets is a little fear about the birds. >> very, very surprised. >> my yankees all the way. . >> reporter: the energy flows and here we are standing in the crossroads of the world. >> i don't know. i
city. statewide under a nice, clear sky and that will make for mighty fine weather around here tomorrow. you can seat difference. humiddive levels dropping. even baltimore below 60. once we get a dew point number below 60 starts to feel more comfortable that. will stay through the day and temperature wise the drop across the state. in the 50s to the west. that's that cooler air pressing in from west to eastover the state. you can see the frontal boundary coming lue maryland. through the overall view there is that line of clouds, sparked a few showers as that frontal boundary pushed throughout of the west. now under a generally clear sky. just a few clouds, back down through cambridge and ocean city. a few clowes there. basically this boundary will keep pushing off shore and now the next one, this one marking the edge of some much cooler air. tomorrow, just dryer air. not really cooler, that will be sun around here generally speaking. temperatures will be right back in the 80's even with the cooler start. the sun will warm us up. the next front and much cooler air behind this thing, temp
in a story we have been following. >> baltimore city police have identified the officers involved in the death of a suspect in police custody. >> those officers are detective greg boyd -- anthony anderson died more than a week ago. police first said he died choking undrapings but the autopsy showed that wasn't the case. they are on administrative duties as the investigation continues. >> the orioles are going to texas. last year they ended with a 69- 93 record. this year it's a turned around. 93-59. slugging the most home runs ever by an orioles team but this is evan longoria night. three homers, in the 4-1 win but the wild card team. a win there sends them back home to camden yards. stop it, don't want to see that. ? the orioles have a day to get ready for the game. >> now it comes down to the wild card game on friday night. we are live in saint pete. a rough night to watch. >> reporter: it was. a lot of fans waiting for something to happen. they haven't done anything the easy way. they figured why start now? when it was a rough night for the orioles bats again which was the s
stayedthem. >> you couldn't paz -- stadium. >> you couldn't pass it up. >> a spark in the city and we're excited. >> reporter: this guy flew in from st. louis to see his birds and he has some time before he goes home, so he's here. >> we dreamt about the orioles making the playoffs, the fact they're here, meant i had to get back here at all costs. >> reporter: this is what the city -- >> this is what i fought for. what every fan has fought through through 15 years. this is how much fun baseball could be. -- can be. >> it had been fun up until the 9th when they gave us the home run to tie the game. the orioles have been so good in extra innings all year long. before the game, at six, we talked about who you think might be big, and i said jim tomey. he's up this inning. >> up until the 9th inning this crowd was like -- >> the new york public library. it was quiet in there. what a night of baseball we're watching. >> reporter: fans, what you did on monday and tuesday set the tone. no way did this yankee crowd come close to a fever pitch. what a road trip it's been for miguel gonzalez. h
's warm, cold, snowing or rainy, bawl is one of the best -- baltimore is one of the best cities for trick or treating. baltimore took the 20th spot, dc ranked ten. honolulu, great halloween town. the best spot? anybody want to guess? san francisco. of course. there's much more to come an abc2news. first here's terry moron a look at what's coming up on night line. >> a flamy hot controversy. why it's the war on salt in schools and what's keeping it out of kids' lunches. >> plus a man who says he can transform any room in your house without breaking the bank. that's coming up after abc2news at eleven. oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and pumpkin. oh. pumpkin. ha ha! you've never tasted pumpkin like this. try new pumpkin white chocolate or pumpkin mocha coffees and lattes today. >>> it's something you don't see every day. three elephants going on a walk. a trailer carrying them drove off the road and that's when the animals decided to leave. >>> remember mchail? she's the one that crashed the fake dinner at the white house back in 2009. well she's engaged tonigh
city new jersey and up into new york city or it could be quite a bit further out at sea. a widespread sort of array of possibilities here where the final storm track could end up. if we take the average, we're talking wind and rain and beach erosion from sandy. we'll see what happens. tonight 54, partly cloudy, mild again. not as warm. and in the next few days we're still in that nice stretch of weather. not quite as warm tomorrow but look at suntd and beyond. cooler stormier conditions. how close will that nor'easter be to us, we don't know. we know the cold winds will come either way and we're optimistic that most of the wet merth will be gone by halloween. . >> halloween is sort of a historic weather time. perfect storm 21 years ago on halloween. >> and look who's here. happy halloween from your friends at the national aquarium. . >> they're celebrating halloween this weekend with the hallow-marine event. this runs this weekend and they want you dressed in your costume. >> more abc two news coming up mayor: casino owners in west virginia are spending millions against question s
sliding off -- just toward the east of ocean city. came close to heavy rain. clearing over the ohio valley. wednesday night this to thursday will be another push of cool air. you notice how it's diving down in here. that's a trough that will deliver cooler air before a nice warming trend is expected to set up. the jet stream, that's keeping us chilly. more of the southerly wind will draw in the mildler air. sleep time frame -- well back into the 70s. here is the low pressure center. few scattered showers, i do like the set up for tomorrow. it's a lot of clouds, still cool but more dry air will punch in opposed to today where we saw the scatred showers, a brief loan, there is -- wednesday afternoon and there is the cooler air by your day on thursday. 43 in town for the rest of tonight. who 40s north and west. up to 57 degrees for tomorrow. the possibility of a spot shower down to 43 for tuesday night. 70 on wednesday but the bottom falls out on the temperature department on thursday. back down to of 2 degrees. 67 on third. then back in to the 70o's over the weekend. late wednesday going int
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